By employing proven, state-of-the-art software technology, IMACS provides users with a system that is flexible enough to accommodate their unique processing requirements now and in the future.


What is IMACS?

IMACS, the Inventory Management Accounting Control System, is a suite of software modules specifically developed to meet inventory management and accounting needs of growing wholesale distributors. IMACS includes integrated order entry, inventory management, financials, EDI and more. Sales and financial reports have a wide variety of selection and sorting options available to help meet the specific reporting needs of each application module.

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  • Improved Customer Service Levels

    Gain instant visibility into product availability, customer order status and credit information.

  • Reduced Inventory

    Balance inventory levels against customer demand and deliver shipments without overstocking.

  • Increased Productivity

    Gain full visibility into all aspects of the Wholesale Distribution process.

  • Minimal MIS Staff Required

    Many IMACS installations are run without a dedicated computer support staff.  Our support programs ensure that consultants are available to assist you with initial training and set up, and after installation, with classes, onsite consulting and toll free support.