The Complete Solution For Wholesale Distributors

IMACS is a complete Enterprise Software Solution created to meet and exceed small to medium-sized businesses’ requirements.

All the features of IMACS play together in perfect harmony giving you one source of truth for the customer life cycle.

This will help eliminate the need to maintain the same data in multiple spots and dramatically increase efficiency throughout your entire company.

The IMACS system is extremely robust from day one, but we know that every business is different. We work with our clients to incorporate the changes needed to adapt to new processes and business requirements as your company grows.

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The Inventory Management applicatiön helps manage your inventory investment with maximum efficiency. The application works in conjunction with the Sales Order Entry and Purchase Order Control applications. It provides the ability to create and update inventory master records for “stocked” and “non-stocked” inventory items for multiple warehouse locations.
  • Extensive unit of measure conversion by item.
  • Multiple categories of inventory by department, product line, sub-product line, product group, sub-product group, price group, and accounting group.
  • Multiple substitute part number reference
  • System calculated or manually entered
    • lead time
    • safety stock
    • line point
    • order point
    • economic order quantity
  • Inventory item price/cost mass update process.
  • Inventory adjustment/physical inventory/cycle count maintenance with:
    • count sheets
    • inventory variance reporting


Sales Order Entry – The Sales Order Entry/lnvoicing application enables sales personnel to provide a greater degree of service to their customers. Sales personnel can enter their own orders into the system, check customer order status or customer credit, inquire into inventory availability, or promptly create quotes and bids.

  • Extensive cross-referencing for customers, inventory items, and orders.
  • Inventory availability and customer inquiry.
  • An automatically calculated and extremely flexible user-defined pricing structure.
  • Multiple locations and shipping address per order.
  • Automatic customer credit check and automatic credit hold for orders which exceed the pre-defined customer credit limit.
  • Multiple ship-to addresses per customer.
  • Gross margin analysis on each sales order.
  • Tracking backorder status, shipping, and invoicing.
  • Extensive automatic unit of measure conversion.
  • Printing of pick lists, invoices, and an extensive array of reports with optional selection criteria.

Sales Analysis – Provides the user with easy access to all the information needed to ensure a profitable sales department. The module has been designed to provide the user with the greatest degree of flexibility, by allowing them to define the selection and sorting options they want.

  • Identify your most profitable customers, items, salesmen, and territories.
  • View historical data by customer, item, salesman, vendor, territory, etc.
  • Interface to Business Intelligence Applications


Purchase Order Control – Provides the user with a totally automatic purchase order control system. It works in conjunction with the Inventory Management and Sales Order applications.

  • Automated or manually created purchase orders.
  • Ability to receive partial shipment.
  • Extensive inquiry to:
    • vendor master and history
    • inventory item history
    • open back orders
    • open purchase orders
  • Complete tracking of purchase orders from P.O. creation to inventory receipt.


Accounts Receivable – A complete tool for managing receivable transactions and company cash for maximum profitability. It can run as a stand-alone entity or be integrated with the Sales Order Entry and General Ledger applications.

  • Cash receipts with multiple options on how cash will be applied.
  • Customer statement printing with the ability to have multiple messages appearing on the statement.
  • Finance charge calculation and posting. —Complete aging analysis inquiry and reporting with multiple selection criteria. —Historical maintenance and reporting of invoices and cash receipts.
  • Complete credit analysis with online inquiry or reporting.
  • Integration to 3rd party Accounts Receiveable payment services.
  • Parent and Child billing payment capabilities.

Accounts Payable – A powerful cash management tool. In addition to saving time posting invoices, it eliminates duplicate payments and provides up-to-date information on vendors. The module can run as a stand-alone entity or be fully integrated with the other IMACS modules.

  • Vendor history/statistics reporting and inquiry by period.
  • Complete document entry and editing with:
    • multi-company and intercompany account distribution
    • pre-defined G/L accounts by company for easier distribution
    • batch total controls
    • Matching of vendor invoices to receiving document.
    • Cash flow forecasting.
    • Ability to make partial payments or place-specific invoices on hold.
    • Integration to 3rd party Accounts Payable payment services and financial institutions.

General Ledger – The hub of the IMACS accounting base. Integrated with all the IMACS modules, General Ledger offers full accounting control with some of the most modern capabilities existing today.

  • Multi-company control.
  • User-defined financial report writer.
  • Location segmentation.
  • Multiple active fiscal periods.
  • Budgeting.
  • Document annotation.
  • Manual or sub-module generated entries.
  • Standardized reports:
    • trial balance
    • chart-of-accounts
    • activity journal